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Yes! It's Black Friday
More shopping is done on Black Friday than on Saturday before Christmas.
Did you know?
Interesting facts about Black Friday
The phrase "Black Friday" was first used in the 1960s by Philadelphia newspapers to refer to the large number of people in stores in the days following Thanksgiving.
The days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday account for 20% of online holiday shopping.
On Black Friday in the US, shoppers have to stand in a queue for an average of 2.5 hours. But in the case of online shopping you don't need to wait at all ;)
How well do you know Black Friday?
Which holiday is immediately followed by Black Friday?
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What is the Monday after Black Friday called?
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How many countries celebrate Black Friday?
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What percentage of Americans shop on Black Friday?
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How were retailers trying to rebrand Black Friday?
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It seems you haven't fully discovered Black Friday yet. Here you can learn facts about this event, as well as choose the products you want with big discounts. Enjoy!
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Black Friday Lover
You are a true lover of Black Friday? This year's big sales are waiting for you.
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Black Friday Shopping Tips
  • Register in advance on the website of the online stores where you are going to shop.
  • If you are already registered but haven't purchased from this store for a long time, make sure you remember your username/email. address and password. Also, be sure to check the accuracy of the entered data (Globbing address, bank card number, etc.).
  • Select the products and add them to your cart, as the discount applies to the cart products as well.
  • Make sure you have enough money on your card account to complete the purchase․
  • Look for special offers and hurry to buy not to miss the chance.
  • In any case, if for some reason you did not manage to purchase, remember that the big discounts continue next days. And the Monday after Black Friday is called Cyber Monday, the 2nd biggest sales day of the year.
  • Remember that Black Friday is the best time to buy New Year's gifts.
  • Please note that due to the congestion of these days, shipping from online stores to our foreign warehouse may take a little longer.
"BUY FOR ME" tips and rules
Be sure to fill in the product details, quantity, price, color, size and other fields and check once more before confirming.
Many online stores put a limit on the quantity of a specific product type. For example, it is possible to sell only one PlayStation or only 2 phones per customer. These restrictions depend on the online store and product type.
Some stores rarely cancel orders during sales. Therefore, if you decide to cancel the order for any reason, the cancellation may be rejected by the online store.
Due to workload it is possible that the call and online service will work with fluctuations, and the return calls will be later than usual. However, we assure you that we will definitely follow the delivery process of each order and parcel.
We would also like to remind you that due to many discounts, time fluctuations are possible, as stores, delivery services and airports work in a tight schedule.
Don't you have time or a bank card
Use "Buy For Me"
What is "Buy For Me" service?
You just send us the link to the product, fill in the balance of your Globbing account, and we buy the product for you.

Use "Buy for me" if:

  • You don't have time or a credit card.
  • Do you want to buy products in online shops that don't deliver to the warehouse address?
  • Do you want to buy products in online shops that don't accept Armenian cards?
Service conditions
Copy the link of the product you want and paste it on our "Buy for me" page. Then fill in the product details (quantity, color, size) and pay for the purchase by card or Tellcell/MobiDram using your Address 2. Once your Globbing balance is replenished, we will purchase the product.
Service fee
The service fee is 5% of the total order value (min. 2500 AMD). In case of special stores, in addition to the service fee, an additional 5% (min. 2500 AMD) is charged for each link.
Special store
Special stores do not deliver to warehouse addresses. In order to purchase from the websites of such online stores, it is necessary to use the transportation service of our partner. In this case, in addition to the service fee (5% of the order value, min. 2500 AMD), an additional 5% (min. 2500 AMD) is charged for each link.
How to use
We have prepared a step-up-step tutorial on how to order from online stores and get orders in Armenia simply and safely with Globbing.
Video tutorial
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